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About Us

The Promise of Place web site is a project of:

Center for Place-based Learning and Community Engagement

A unique public private partnership that works to advance the state of the art in place-based education by facilitating collaborative efforts in research, program design, techical assistance, resource development and dissemination. The Center Partners are:

In collaboration with:

Place-based Education and Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC)

A unique partnership of several nonprofit organizations and projects from New England and beyond whose aim is to strengthen and deepen the practice place-based education initiatives through program evaluation. The PEEC Partners are:

This website was supported by the USDA Forest Service as part of Electronic Commons competitive grants program. A partnership of the USDA Forest Service, Wood Education and Resource Center, and the Northern Initiatives

Additional web support provided by Missouri Botanical Garden under National Science Foundation grants #ESI-0639638 and #DRL-0833663.


Bird Banding Internships

High school and college interns help to run a bird-banding station in the Great Smokies National Park. At sunrise, students open nets and catch birds for six hours. They measure, identify, band, and release the birds unharmed in an effort to better understand the population dynamics of species using the high elevation habitats found at Purchase Knob.

Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center
Purchase Knob, NC

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