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CNN Research and Studies Volume One, February 2007, Annotated Bibliography


This C&NN resource includes an executive summary of each research report; full citation; and a PDF if available, or a link to each study in its entirety, or contact information if the study is not available online. Some are reports of individual studies in the form of original research; others are a synthesis of reports of various studies. While this is a listing of a sample of outstanding studies, the listing is not intended to be exhaustive. We welcome recommendations for additional research to include.


These research reports meet criteria for:


Label Value
Author Charles, Cheryl
Pedagogical Area
  • place-based education, environment as integrating context (EIC)
  • environmental education
Delivery Area
  • school based
  • out of school time/after school
  • on site day programs (nature center, farm, etc.)
Outcome Area
  • academic performance
  • civic engagement
  • self efficacy
  • environmental knowledge, attitude and awareness
  • stewardship behavior
  • environmental change
  • community change
  • teacher practice
Participant Area
  • student
  • program
  • school
  • community
  • environment