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As program managers and educators design place-based education intiatives, it is helpful to build evaluation into the plan. Every evaluation is uniquely designed to meet the needs of each program. The process and the results can be used to:

  • Help program staff identify which program elements are most effective so that they can then effectively decide which aspects of their programs to augment or eliminate
  • Determine how a program impacts participants
  • Write grant reports or apply for additional funding
  • Solicit funds from prospective donors
  • Create new partnerships

Starter tools and resources for conducting program evaluations


James River Study

Students from six high schools in a South Dakota watershed conduct water quality tests along the James River and electronically share data with each other, university students, and with local and state agencies. University students post questions for students to research. Students conduct a fish survey, study the Native American heritage of the river, and learn water resources issues.

Roncalli High School
Aberdeen, SD

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