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Planning Tools

Place-based education offers an ideal opportunity to develop strong, positive partnerships among community stakeholders – in fact, it can’t succeed without them. These partnerships can also help stakeholders build momentum to achieve their own respective missions. Launching a place-based education program in your school and community requires gradually building understanding, enthusiasm and commitment. We have found that a combination of engaging exercises and strong organization tools works best.

Learning to Make Choices for the Future cover Here are some tools and exercises that may be helpful to you as you explore the opportunities to build support for place-based education initiatives in your community. (adapted from Questing by Delia Clark and Steven Glazer, University Press of New England, 2004, and the PLACE website.)


The Power of Worms

Students use worm bins to recycle lunchtime food waste into fertile soil. Students write a children's book about the life of a red wriggler, calculate reproduction rates of the worms, and create a play about soil organisms and decomposition. Students visit other elementary schools to share what they had learned, and use the soil to build community gardens.

Schoolcraft Learning Community

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