Boston Schoolyard Funders Collaborative, 2007-2008 Evaluation Report

Becker-Klein, Rachel et al.

The primary finding from this evaluation was that outdoor classrooms (OCs) were valued by school communities, and that in order for schools to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the OC, they required additional support, such as professional development (PD) workshops, mentoring, and networking.

Additional findings included:

  • All interviewees recognized the value of the OC to students;
  • OC design was essential to its functionality
  • Schools demonstrated the potential to increase OC use, if challenges could be overcome;
  • Educators reported benefits to themselves and their students as a result of the workshops; and
  • Interviewees were interested in finding more ways that the OC could support class curricula.
Pedagogical Area
  • environmental education
  • outdoor education, experiential education
Delivery Area
  • school based
  • professional development
Outcome Area
  • academic performance
  • environmental knowledge, attitude and awareness
  • school change
Participant Area
  • student
  • school
  • environment
Demographic Area
  • urban
Age Area
  • elementary (6-11 years old)
  • middle school (12-14 years old)