Growing to Greatness: The State of Service Learning Project

National Youth Leadership Council

Growing to Greatness: The State of Service Learning Project is the first ongoing national study of the state of service-learning in kindergarten through 12th grade. It documents the unfolding story of service learning and provides useful information to improve implementation, inform public policy, and give a clear picture of the many ways young people contribute to society.

A radical change in perspective, G2G measures indicators of how youths are valuable to society, instead of the more common approach of measuring their shortcomings. In doing so, it not only highlights the field of service learning, but also recasts the ways young people are viewed by society.

Pedagogical Area
  • service learning
Delivery Area
  • school based
Outcome Area
  • academic performance
  • civic engagement
  • self efficacy
  • environmental knowledge, attitude and awareness
  • community change
Participant Area
  • student
  • school
  • community
Age Area
  • early childhood (2-5 years old)
  • elementary (6-11 years old)
  • middle school (12-14 years old)
  • high school (14-18 years old)