Teton Summit for Program Evaluation in Nonformal Environmental Education

L. Kate Wiltz, Facilitated by Michael Quinn Patton

The following text was written in order to capture the spirit of the conversations that took place over two and half days at the Teton Science School in Kelly, Wyoming, in May 2000. I have chosen to reflect on the dialogues and presentations that took place at the Summit, and then to document their collective course. Over those few days, the participants in the Summit explored the topic of evaluation under the guidance of the Summit facilitator, Michael Patton. As he came to understand the concerns of his audience, and they came to some consensus on what evaluation means to them, the group of participants considered different ideas, issues and questions regarding their work in environmental education.


Pedagogical Area
  • place-based education, environment as integrating context (EIC)
  • environmental education
  • outdoor education, experiential education
Delivery Area
  • on site day programs (nature center, farm, etc.)
  • community education
Participant Area
  • community